What Can Cause Hand Pain And Numbness ?

Hand Pain

Hand pain and numbness is the most common yet most ignored symptom in the society. It is often confused by the overuse injuries in hand. The hand and fingers are controlled by a network of nerves that starts from the neck, in cervical spine. The nerve roots C5 to C8 and T1 travels down to shoulder, arm, forearm, hand and fingers. There are mainly three nerves median nerve,ulnar nerve and radial nerve.

Pain and numbness may occur if any one or all the nerves are affected either in the course of the nerve or at any branch. Muscle spasm may lead to compression of nerve. The symptoms may worsen during certain movements or activities, especially repetitive motions such as typing, kneading, and hammering. Awkward wrist posture, during sleeping also can increase the pain and numbness.

Causes: -

  1. Cervical radiculopathy: - It is the compression of the nerve root at the spinal level due to improper posture, disc bulge or any physical injury.
  2. Carpel tunnel syndrome: - Compression of the median nerve at the wrist level.
  3. Rheumatoid Arthritis: - This causes inflammation of joint which cause pain and numbness in hand.
  4. Thoracic outlet syndrome: - It is a group of disorders that occur when blood vessels for nerves in the space between your collar bone and first rib (thoracic outlet)are compressed causing pain and numbness in shoulder arm and fingers.
  5. Systemic causes: - Diabetes, Vit. B12 deficiency, Poor Diet.

Risk factors: - Age, Occupation, few medications, increase lordosis of cervical spine.

Treatment: -
Physiotherapy treatment works well in such conditions. The main aim of the treatment is to reduce the pain numbness and increase the joint mobility.

The physiotherapy treatment includes: -

  1. Pain Reduction.
  2. Releasing the muscle spasm.
  3. Stretching of neck, arm, forearm and hand muscles.
  4. Muscle strengthening.
  5. Postural Correction.
  6. Splinting and using guards for further damage to nerve.
  7. Neural tissue mobilization.

Balanced Diet, Vit B12 supplements improve the systemic body conditions reducing the symptoms. Surgery may be the last option if non-surgical treatment doesn’t work.

Dr. Pradnya Pansare (PT)