Say no to painkillers

Say no to painkillers

Many people experience Physical discomfort at the low back. It is the most common condition in today’s world.Research done on this condition concludes that 75% - 80% of people out of total population, suffer from back pain once in their lifetime, whereas 50% will have more than one episode in a year. Physical discomfort occurring at the lower back may be due to structures surrounding the spine such as – vertebral bodies, intervertebral disc, ligaments, muscles, nerves that make up the spine. Back pain being a common symptom can be caused due to repeated lifting of heavy objects, prolonged sitting, sleeping in awkward position, poor muscle strength etc.

Commonly painkillers are chosen as the first line treatment for back pain, but these medications only mask your symptoms they don’t treat the root cause of your pain. Too much dependency on these drugs can lead to addiction which will have adverse effects on your body’s endocrine system. You develop a tolerance to the medication over the period of time, your pain can actually get worse with long time dosage.Ointments are another popular but harmful options.They stimulate the sensory nerve after application,hence a patient feels temporary relief. Seeing that painkillers are not helpful rather harmful to our body,it also worsen the condition and increases the pain in long term. You might avoid your back pain or prevent its reoccurrence by improving your physical condition to keep your back healthy and strong.

Physiotherapy treatmentwill help you to reduce your pain by applying various electrotherapy modalities. Once the pain reduces, a physiotherapist will guide you with following things to help to improve condition without reoccurrence. A gradual exercise treatment is tailored as per the diagnosis. Following are the treatment benefits:-

  • Alleviating the muscle tightness.
  • Maintaining the flexibility of low back, hip and thigh.
  • Strengthening of abdominal and back muscles can improve your posture giving it straight alignment.
  • Regular low impact aerobic activities which will not strain your back can increase strength and endurance to allow your muscles to function better.
  • Maintain a healthy weight- Being overweight can strain your back so eat healthy and nutritious to maintain your ideal weight.

Ergonomic Solutions:

Ergonomic Solutions also help in reducing the pain and improving the quality of life. Only few people need surgery for back pain. The surgery is done only if a patient doesn’t respond to other therapies, such as shooting and radiating pain, muscle weakness due to nerve compression and herniated disks.

Avoid pain killers and adopt healthy way of caring your back.

Dr.Pradnya Pansare (PT)