At 360˚ Spinal wellness & Rehabilitation, we offer advanced care for all types of Orthopedic problems including those of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons& muscles. We also specialize in non-surgical ortho-spine procedures. Our Specialists focus on providing utmost care to the patients and making your aware of past and present medical problems with solutions.


"Our key objective is to restore the bones, muscles, joints and spinal wellness using body’s self-defensive mechanism through natural resources and non-invasive techniques"


“Our mission is to provide you the effective pain management solutions that can get back your life, pain free.

JOINT & MUSCLE WELLNESS PROGRAM aims at the restorative health and wellness of muscles, bones and joints.

Most of the orthopedic problems are degenerative, inflammatory or trauma in nature. Though we could not control trauma, we can still prevent or delay the degeneration process to an extent.

Wear and tear of cartilage in the joints (knee, hip, etc.), degenerative disc disorders, weakening of the bone density, sports injuries like soft tissue damage in ligament, tendons are the common problems that we face.

The degeneration happens when the natural protection mechanism of body fails or disturbed due to various reasons including age factor, obesity and lifestyle. Restoring and/or stimulation the body’s self- protective mechanism is the crux of our programs. We use the natural bio-feedback mechanism of body to accelerate healing rates, reduce inflammation and pain through high energy soundwaves, specific pattern of pulsed signals and other manipulation and exercise methods.

We follow integrated wellness approach that combines modern science with the holistic approach, nutritional supplements and physical therapy techniques.

We recommend surgeries only when other options are exhausted or do not produce results. Our aim is to use the natural resources from within the human body and environment to trigger the healing process to provide safe, effective and economical solutions. Drugs, injections and surgery are our last resorts. Surgeries provide more instant results but it always comes with associated risk factors. But holistic and non-surgical techniques is always given for a course of time over few sessions. It requires time to heal using non-surgical methods and its success rate varies between 80-88%, but it is safer with zero or negligible side effects. With the advancement of science and technologies, non-invasive methods are getting more better and better with passing days.

If non-surgical approach works, you save time, money and physical pain. Surgery can be avoided and so do the associated risk factors. If it doesn’t produce expected results, still you have surgical option. Eight out of every ten patients benefit from our therapy, if not 100%. Lifestyle correction and modification plays vital role in the success of any medical treatment. Our treatments are given as package programs with advanced non-invasive bio-medical treatments, physical rehabilitation and supplements for improved benefits.

Our treatment goals:

  • Understanding the root cause

  • Pain and inflammation reduction

  • Improves mobility and posture

  • Restoring the joint health and stimulating the cartilage regrowth

  • Restoring the bone, muscle, tendon and ligament health

  • Improves quality of life

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