Treatment goals - Process & benefits


• Mimics the bio-electrical field of the body to stimulate the self-repair
• Restores or stimulates the lost or disturbed self-defence mechanism of the body.
• Stimulates cartilage regeneration through chondrocyte growth
• Releases various growth factors
• Improves bone density
• Manipulation and exercise techniques improve mobility

• Releases growth factors
• Encourages stem cell migration
• Stimulates cartilage regeneration
• Accelerates tissue repair and healing
• Nourishes and repairs the affected part and replace the damaged tissues
• Reduces inflammatory proteins
• Promotes Anti-Inflammatory proteins
• Helps bone cells & muscles to get more oxygen supply
• Helps to fast heal tendon, ligament injuries
• Speeds up healing rate
• Helps in non-union fractures
• Completely natural
• Minimizes pain & discomfort
• No or negligible associated side effects
• Safe and scientific

• Reduces joint pains, neck pain, low back pain and other musculoskeletal pains
• Accelerates recovery from sports related and high impact injuries
• Improves your mobility without/less pain than before
• Reduce/ eliminate the need of drugs
• Prolong/eliminate the need for surgery
• Improves quality of life and Less dependency of others for moving

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