1. What is our primary treatment goal?

Our primary objective is to treat the root cause of the disease and to reverse it; not just treating the symptoms.

2. What is our treatment approach?

We maximize the use of advanced modern Non-surgical medical therapies along with expertise of medical specialist, physiotherapy and natural supplements. We follow nature’s bio-feedback rule and stimulate or restore the self-healing capabilities of the body using modern science and holistic approach. We try to minimize the use of surgery and drugs, until otherwise it is absolutely warranted.

3. What therapies / techniques do we use?

. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
. Physio Therapy
. Manipulation and exercise methods
. Electromagnetic Regeneration Therapy or Cell Repair and Regeneration Therapy
. Nutritional Supplements
. Advanced electro fitness method

4. How long it takes for the patient to feel the results?

It depends on the condition of the disease. In general, it takes between 2-10 sessions (depends on the type of disorder and its intensity) to see the results.Degenerative and lifestyle diseases do not occur overnight. It is accumulated over the time throughout one’s lifespan. Most of our non-surgicaltherapies provide preventive care and progressive wellness. We do not use drugs or injections or push you for surgery as much as possible. We use body’s natural bio-feedback mechanism to self-repair the body by stimulating it. It requires time to provide safe and effective biological changes within. In a course of time we can reverse the disease and restore the wellness. One should not expect instant results. Also, treatment result may vary from each patient. In general, the success range of our therapies are between 80-88%. Some patients might be refractory due to various underlying conditions.

5. What are the facilities we offer in sports rehabilitation?

We offer improved and faster sports injuries recovery, athletic performance improvement through fitness boost and endurance enhancement programs. We can treat soft tissue damages, traumatic brain injuries, non-unifying fractures, muscle, spinal and joint pains and improve post-surgical recovery rate.

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