Qualified Doctors

Our qualified clinical rehab experts deliver customized and effective treatments.

Extensive Care

We offer comprehensive care with 360° approach that treats the root cause of the problem to reverse it.

Advanced Technologies

We use advanced and sophisticated technologies to ensure best quality treatment with higher precision and efficacy.

Integrated Approach

We are a multi-pronged approach that combines clinical expertise with advanced scientific technologies and lifestyle modifications for better result.

Welcome to India’s fastest growing Spinal Speciality clinics for treating back & neck pain without surgery!

Not all spinal pains require surgery. If treated on time, we can avoid surgery in 85-90% of cases. Again, the reliance on pain killer drugs & injections aren’t the right approach because pain is only a symptom and not a disease by itself. We offer 360˚ approach towards spinal wellness. We treat the root cause of the problem to offer a long term solutions. We offer recurrence management to complement the success of the treatment and try to prevent from any future complications.

NS3 MDCSR spinal wellness program offers one of the best-in-class non-surgical spinal treatments. MDCSR offers a 360˚ holistic approach that addresses which many others fail to address- root cause of the problem.

What we offer

Secondary / alternative Prevention Programs

For those who have been diagnosed with spinal disorders, but unfit or want to avoid surgical procedures.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

For those who have already undergone surgical procedures for Spine disorders but requires rehabilitation treatment for improved quality of life.

Preventive Programs

For those who are at high risk of spinal disorders but want to avoid suffering. Example: prolonged mobile & computer users, people with overweight, sedentary life style, drivers, post pregnancy women etc.

About Us

First unit established in 2017

4 Clinics at Pune, 2 Clinics at Ernakulam, 1 Clinic at Trivandrum.

Has saved 3000+ spines without surgery

More than 50000+ sessions completed


We Treat

We treat a number of problems of the spine out of which few are listed below

Bulging Disc

Degenerative Disc

Facet Syndrome

Herniated Disc

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain



Our Special Features

Advanced Technology

The equipment that we use are TRULY advanced, proven and highly sophisticated.

Scientifically proven

The science behind each tools that we use has proven clinical credibility, validation and are widely used in USA, Europe.

Spine Specialist

Our Spine Specialist are qualified rehab (PT) experts with adequate experience in treating spine.

Optimum Recovery

Focused on effective return to function and prevent reoccurrence of pain or ailment.

Personalized Care

Each Patient gets a customized protocol in his/her best interests.

Holistic Approach

Use of various manual therapies and Hi-Tec modalities for recovery.

Expert Panel

We collaborate with a consultant panel of ortho, spine, Neurology and physical medicine, physical therapists.

Minimal Use of Drugs

Our treatment programs focus of using body’s self defence mechanism. We adopt ‘No Drug or Minimum Drugs’ policy as much as possible.


Surgery shall be an option when all other options exhaust. We shall treat you non-surgically as best as possible. Our expert panel shall offer you surgical solutions, if needed.


Spinocare NST- Advanced Non-Surgical 3-Dimensional Decompression-mobilization-correction equipment:

Fully computerized third generation technology that offers 3-Dimentional Decompression, 3-Dimentional correction and Mobilization. Helps in reduction/ elimination of the nerve compression, helps in disc health through restoration of oxygen, water and other nutrients by creating negative pressure. Also helps in improving disc height and improved mobilization, Bi-Lateral correction of spine alignment etc. also helps in Strengthening paraspinal and pelvic muscles


We follow 6 way approach to offer 3600 spinal wellness solutions.

Advanced HI-TEC tools (Non- surgical equipments):

State-of-the-art Hi Tech Non- surgical equipments to reduce/ eliminate the nerve compression, disc rehydration, improved mobilization, alignment correction, muscle repair& regeneration, Strengthening of core muscles, bone health etc.

Spine Related problems causes & solutions

There are various factors like age, trauma, postures, genetics, metabolic, obesity etc., that influence the health of the spine. These factors cause biomechanical change, inflammation and adipokines. This further leads to dehydration of disc, proteoglycan loss, catabolic/ anabolic change. The disc is a soft tissue with two parts: annulus and nucleus pulposis. Very similar to the ‘centre fresh’ chewing gum, the outer layer annulus is bit harder and the centre part nucleus is a gel structure.


Drugs / Pills Vs. NS3 Spinal Wellness Program

Injections Vs. NS3 Spinal Wellness Program

Surgery Vs. Non-Surgical NS3 Spinal Wellness Program

Contraindication in spinal wellness:

  • Spinal Tumors
  • Acute Spinal Fractures
  • Recent Spinal Surgeries (less than six months) etc..

Our Patients Say About Us


"We are not anti-surgical, but we strongly feel that surgery should be the last option when all other approach fails to give any relief. Most of the chronic spinal disorders doesn’t require surgery if treated on time".

"We use modern technologies that stimulates body’s natural healing capacity with minimal or no use of drugs and steroids".

"Posture corrections, obesity management, diet control, nutritional supplements, fitness training including EEMS, Strength Training & Yoga Shall form our third way of approach for permanent/ long term solutions of back problems".