What we offer is 360 o approach in non-surgical spinal care the most advanced than most others.

SPINOCARE: We offer the most advanced SPINOCARE non-surgical decompression, mobilization & correction therapy. Helps in disc health restoration of oxygen, water and other nutrients by creating negative pressure. Helps in disc rehydration and improving disc height. Helps bulging & prolapsed disc to get back to their original shape through decompression, thus reducing pressure on nerve.

CRR THERAPY: Cell Repair And Regeneration Therapy. This technology uses special form of electric signals that mimics body’s own bio-electric field which helps body to repair itself. Reduce inflammation encourages muscular recovery through cell regeneration stimulation, reduces pain, improves spinal bone density & spinal muscle strength.

ACOWAVE: ACOWAVE are applied to lesions to help revascularization and stimulate or reactive the process of connective tissue and bone healing, thereby relieving pain improving functions. These waves can be used for pain relief as well as improving muscles strength through appropriate motor simulation of the muscles and tendons through sonic shock waves.

ELECTRO THERAPIES: Electro Therapies is like IFT, TENS, EMS,ULTRASOUNDS are used as a part of routine physiotherapy for rehabilitative purpose. Reduce pain, strengthens disc, improves circulation and improves mobility. Some common back injuries that may benefit from passive electrotherapy includes muscle strains, herniated discs, stenosis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, and general arthritis pain.

MANUAL & EXERCISE THERAPY: Manual and exercise therapy helps in correction postures, physical activities, manipulation techniques helps in improving mobility and relaxes muscles. Exercise therapy includes posture/specific goal based exercises, very advanced EEMS training, yoga and other exercises for core muscle strengthening . This improves the sacroiliac joint fluid regulation. Key focus is posture correction and core muscle strengthening.

DIET & NUTRITIONAL PLANNING & LIFESTYLE CORRECTIONS: Excessive usage of electronic gadgets, body weight and belly fat accumulation plays a crucial part in misalignment of spinal discs and causes chronic neck, back and joint pains. Controlling weight and correction of lifestyle including routines and postures may help in preventing further damage to the body and in reversing the existing symptoms.

SUBZERO CRYOTHERAPY, PUREOX Therapy and Integrating Ayurvedic approach. Wherever the facility & situation warrants, we add to offer subzero and pureOx therapies to make the program more efficient with virtually >98% success rate.

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